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Townsville Business Women's Circle

Kassia Piva

5th April, 2024
Kassia Piva

Originally hailing from the Burdekin, Kassia relocated to Townsville in 2001 to pursue a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Communication Design at JCU. Following her studies, she dedicated a decade to refining her Graphic Design expertise, working with advertising agencies, government departments, and as a freelance designer.

Alongside Sarah, she then has spent the next decade honing her business skills, starting a family, and elevating not only Vetta Creative’s brand but fostering an ethos of collaboration to create some of the region’s best brands and creative. She is truly passionate about client’s success and the contributions that return to regional Queensland.

Kassia not only prioritises staying abreast of industry trends, but she is also deeply committed to providing a workplace of innovation and creativity driving positive change within the industry. Her aim is to continuously push the boundaries of creativity, facilitating unmatched customer engagement and driving concrete outcomes for our clients.

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