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Townsville Business Women's Circle

Sarah Hill

5th April, 2024
Sarah Hill

Sarah Hill relocated to Townsville from Mackay in 2000 to pursue a Bachelor of Creative Arts in Communication Design at JCU. Following a traineeship at Perc Tucker Gallery, Sarah embarked on a successful career spanning over a decade as a Graphic Designer and Marketer within Townsville’s advertising sector. In 2012, her path intersected with fellow designer Kassia Piva, leading to the establishment of Vetta Productions, later rebranded as Vetta Creative.

For the past 13 years, Sarah has dedicated her efforts to elevate Vetta Creative as the premier creative agency in North Queensland. The agency has grown into a team of eight skilled professionals, offering comprehensive marketing consultancy and content creation services.

Sarah is deeply committed to leveraging creativity to help clients realise their business objectives. She passionately advocates for providing opportunities to local creatives, recognising the symbiotic relationship between fostering regional talent and fostering business growth.

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