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Mercedes Mentor Circles

Mercedes Mentor Circles

Mercedes Mentor Circles

How They Work

The Mercedes Mentor Circles are free for members. Six participants will be selected by each mentor through an application process.

The circles will meet no less than monthly over six months. Mentors will act as guides and provide support and feedback for participants who will be expected to play an active role in the circles. Each mentee will benefit from a one on one session with their mentor throughout the program as well as have the opportunity to participate in networking events.

Mentoring has been recognised as an effective way of professionally and personally developing for decades. When you connect with a successful and inspirational leader, that mentor can greatly assist you to navigate through issues, challenges and progression with ease by sharing their experiences and knowledge with you in addition to encouragement, support and guidance. The circles will not only give you access to the knowledge and experience of your mentor, but you will be able to collaborate with five other participants.

Session runs from May-November. Mentoring requires a high level of trust and commitment to the process and a sincere focus on learning and development. In return mentees will:

  • share personal and professional experiences and learnings
  • discover and explore new perspectives
  • be encouraged to think strategically and holistically about business and life
  • receive guidance on challenges
  • be supported and coached on how to overcome barriers or push themselves further
  • increase their effectiveness through learning
  • review and renew their goals and visions

How to Apply

If you are ready to leave your comfort zone and share your challenges and experiences, we want you to apply. It is important that all applicants understand the level of commitment required, in order to get the most out of the Mercedes Mentor Circles.

Our mentors are volunteers and mentees are expected to be flexible. 100% participation at no less than six monthly meetings is required (in person). Each mentor selects the six participants for their circle. Two people from the same organisation or industry will not be selected for the same circle as this can impact on a participant’s ability to be completely honest and transparent in discussions.

Complete the Mercedes Mentor Circle Application Form. Mentors will make their selection and you will be notified of the outcome of your application.

Applications close April 25, 2022.

Applications are now closed.

The Mentors

Past Mentors

Debbie Rains
Debbie Rains
Dr Cheri Motti
Dr Cheri Motti
Dr Jo Lukins
Dr Jo Lukins
Michelle Morton
Michelle Morton

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