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Townsville Business Women's Circle

Kerry Spina

30th March, 2024
Kerry Spina

Kerry Spina is a seasoned Life, Work, and Business Coach specialising in Wellbeing Coaching and Consultancy, Strengths Profiling, and Authorship. With over two decades of experience, Kerry champions empowerment and inspires individuals to prioritise their wellbeing in both personal and professional spheres. Through seamless integration of positive psychology principles into daily life, Kerry empowers individuals to elevate their wellbeing. As the visionary Co-Founder of Kids in Harmony and Founder of The Everyday Harmony Hub, Kerry provides an online platform for women to pursue personal growth and holistic wellness. By emphasising the importance of energy management, fostering connected relationships, and facilitating effective communication, Kerry motivates others to embrace their values and initiate positive change—one meaningful step at a time.

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